Since 1957 Chaveca & Janeira is dedicated to Tires trade and services in the Algarve



About Us

Since 1957, Chaveca & Janeira is dedicated to tires trade and services in the Algarve Region. We began our business with retreading, adding years later the trade in new tires and then all kinds of services inherent to your car.

Bearing in mind that the country is in a scenario of change, the experience accumulated over these 52 years gives us the confidence to continue offering our services with quality, sincerity, friendliness and competitiveness according to the real needs of our clients.

These values that have always characterized us have made this company the largest and leading in the Algarve region of trade, distribution and tire services, with a sales volume exceeding 50,000 units per year, complying with all the Ecological Environmental Protection standards approved by the competent entities.
In a future of progress and innovation Chaveca & Janeira offers its clients a wide range of products and services inherent to their automobile, having a team of specialized professionals in its three stations in the region: S. Brás Alportel, Faro and Portimão. We have modernized our facilities in order to better meet all the needs of those who come to us. This change means improving service, technology and quality in order to provide you with better service, with the sole aim of you and your car feeling at home.

We thank all those who make us grow and to whom we can demonstrate the quality of our company.
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